Our cash ISA accounts are a flexible, tax-free way of saving your personal money.

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Whether you’re opening an ISA with new money, or transferring from an existing ISA account with another provider, you can apply for an ISA with us quickly and easily online. Just click apply once you’ve chosen your new account.

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1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA (Online Only)  (0.93%)

2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA (Online Only)  (1.17%)

3 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA  (1.25%)

4 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA  (0.65%)

5 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA  (1.60%)

Junior Cash ISA

Take a look at our Junior Cash ISA

Junior Cash ISA  (2.00%)

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Protecting your money

Your eligible deposits with Hodge Bank are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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About our ISAs


If you’re looking to make tax-free savings, a cash ISA account might be what you’re looking for. You can get more out of your money with a deposit account specially created for personal savings. Plus, it might also give you better interest rates than our other Hodge savings accounts. But there’s a few things you’ll need to consider before opening one.

Keep reading to find out more about cash ISA accounts and how they work.

What is a cash ISA account?


Cash ISA accounts are individual savings accounts working in the same way as standard deposits, with one difference: you don’t pay tax on the interest you earn. These accounts work well for depositing a substantial amount of money (you get an allowance of £20k to place in an ISA tax-free, each year) , the interest rates can make these accounts attractive to everyone with savings they want to grow. So, if you normally pay tax on your savings, it’s worth considering investing in this type of account instead.

What are fixed rate cash ISA accounts?


Fixed rate cash ISA accounts pay you a guaranteed interest rate for a set length of time, but you won’t be able to access the funds during that time, without paying a fee for early access. So, make sure you’re comfortable locking your money away for a period of time and you’ll enjoy the advantages of tax-free savings with fixed-rate cash ISA accounts.

Whether you want to keep your money growing long term at a good rate or are looking for savings accounts that allow you to access the money quickly and easily, weigh in all the options so you can find the solution that fits your circumstances the best. Keep in mind that in terms of both ease of access and earned rate of interest, fixed rate cash ISA accounts often sit in the middle, between fixed-rate personal bonds and notice savings accounts.

Who can open a personal cash ISA account?


Any UK resident aged 18 or over with spare cash can apply for a personal cash ISA account with Hodge. Be aware that fixed-rate cash ISA accounts can have a minimum deposits requirement. At Hodge, the minimum deposit is £1,000, making this savings account ideal if you’ve got bigger expenses planned for a set date, such as holidays, investing in a car or planning a wedding.

Current ISA Subscription Limits


With effect from 6th April 2021, the ISA subscription limit remained at £20,000 for anyone eligible to invest in an ISA. The full £20,000 of the new ISA allowance can be saved in a cash ISA or a stocks and shares ISA with one provider. It can also be split between a cash ISA and a stocks and shares ISA with either the same or another provider.

Please note Hodge Bank does not provide a stocks and shares ISA.

Current Junior ISA Subscription Limits

Further deposits may be added to the account up to the Junior Cash ISA allowance. The annual limit for the 2021/2022 tax year with effect from 6th April 2021 is £9,000. Up to £9,000 of the allowance can be saved in a Junior ISA.

Benefits of fixed rate cash ISA accounts


Tax-free savings:
Cash ISA accounts allow you to grow your personal money long term. The interest you earn is free of tax duties, which means you can make the most out of your hard-earned personal funds.

You know exactly how much you’ll be earning: With fixed rate cash ISA accounts, you’ll always know where you stand, so you can be confident you’re growing your savings in a safe and profitable way. At any given point you’ll know exactly how much interest your money is earning and the total sum you’ll get at the end of the fixed term.

FSCS protection: When you choose our fixed rate cash ISA accounts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cash (up to £85,000) will be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FCSC) (as long as you fit the eligibility criteria).


We’ve made it quick and simple for you to transfer your ISA from a different provider into a new account with Hodge. Once you’ve chosen your ISA, you can let us know as part of your application whether you’re transferring your old ISA to us, or opening it with new money.

To make things as easy as possible, our ISA transfer process takes place online. Once you’ve chosen your ISA and started the application, you’ll be able to let us know if you’re transferring from a different provider. We’ll then explain the next steps.

We’ve made it as simple as possible for you to set up online banking with us. When you apply for your ISA, you’ll let us know about the transfer, and register for an online account at the same time. You’ll then use those details to manage your account in future. You can find out more about the benefits of online banking, here.

Once you’ve decided on your new ISA with us and started your application, you’ll fill out a simple ISA Transfer Authority Form. This is to let your old ISA provider know that you’ve given permission to transfer your money to your new Hodge account. We’ll pre-populate the form for you with all the information we need, and send it to you either via email for you to print out and sign, or by post – whichever’s easiest for you. All you have to do then is sign and return it to us. You won’t have to let your old ISA provider know – we’ll take care of the rest.