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Is a retrofit a good idea? A guide to home energy efficiency 

25th April 2024

Most UK homes could benefit from some modifications to improve their energy efficiency at home. But, where to start? That question can be a big enough stumbling block to stop progress before it’s even began. So, let’s talk about retrofitting, start by thinking of it as future-fitting your home- adding in new technologies, modifications and updates to improve the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money and looking after the planet. 

The growing interest in greener homes 

For more than two years the cost of energy has taken up headlines (as well as household budgets). To cut costs, more people have been looking into ways of reducing their energy consumption, opting for more eco-friendly and sustainable ways to heat our homes and reduce energy waste. 

The benefits of an energy efficient home 

 A retrofit usually involves updating or modifying your home's existing structures and systems to improve energy efficiency. Retrofitting your home could offer several worthwhile benefits: 

  1. Supercharge your savings: It makes sense, spend less on energy, keep more in the bank. There could also be simple steps you can make, like insulting your hot water tank and replacing standard light bulbs for LED lightbulbs to shrink your bills and grow your savings. 
  1. Amp up your home comforts: A cosy home can definitely be an energy-efficient home. Retrofitting can help maintain year-round temperatures more effectively, keeping out cold drafts and preventing overheating.  
  1. Get an eco-boost: Lower energy consumption means reduced greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to environmental conservation. Fewer watts, greater greenness. 
  1. Volt your homes’ value: Homes with higher energy efficiency ratings often have higher resale values and are more attractive to prospective buyers. 

Assessing your home’s energy efficiency 

Every home is different so the best way to know the best next steps to retrofit your home and improve its energy efficiency, is to assess its current state.  

Take a look at some of the more obvious areas first, like insulting of doors, walls and floors. You should also Inspect windows and doors for leaks or drafts. Double-glazing and proper sealing can greatly improve thermal efficiency. 

You can find professionals who will conduct an energy audit to identify where energy is being wasted and prioritise upgrades – if you’re a new or remortgaging Hodge customer, scroll down to find out all about our partnership with Propflo and how you can access a free, personalised guide to retrofitting your home… 

We’ve partnered with Propflo, your retrofit tool 

We’ve joined forces with Propflo, an award-winning PropTech startup, to further assist homeowners in making their properties more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. New and remortgaging Hodge customers have free access to GreenVal, a pioneering AI property platform that simplifies the retrofitting process. Designed with homeowners in mind, GreenVal adjusts for property types, locations, and budgets, offering: 

  • A view of the short- and long-term benefits and costs associated with making your property more energy-efficient 
  • Quotes for a wide range of home improvements, from accredited local and national suppliers 
  • Insight into low-cost and do-it-yourself improvement opportunities, available for direct purchase 
  • A view of the impact a property can have on personal wellbeing, by rating contributing factors such as thermal comfort, air quality and financial stability. 

Find out more about Hodge and Propflo here. 

Set energy saving goals for your home 

Investing in a more energy efficient home can not only save money in the longer term but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Whether through small changes or significant retrofits, enhancing your home’s energy performance is a worthwhile endeavour. Find out more about accessing  GreenVal, by Proflo. A pioneering AI property platform designed to help homeowners make their homes greener, healthier and more valuable. 

Mortgages with Hodge: Many of our customers used funds from their Hodge mortgage to make improvements to their home. Find out more about Hodge Mortgages here. Please remember, we don’t offer mortgages directly to the public. It’s a big decision, and you’ll need to speak to a financial adviser to make sure it’s the right one for you. If you don’t already have an adviser, you can start your search, using 

Save with Hodge: If you’re spending less because of the changes you’re making to reduce your bills and be more sustainable, then looking at where you can keep your savings is a great way to make sure you make the most out of your money. View our savings account options

This article is correct at time of publishing and for general information purposes only. We recommend you speak to a professional financial adviser for advice. You can find a financial adviser and further personal finance information at  

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