Sustainability at Hodge

Responsible about business

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Hodge. It guides us and serves as a reminder of the responsibility we have to our stakeholders, customers, colleagues and the communities we operate in to use our position wisely.

From our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to how we give back to the community in which we work, we aim to learn and improve as we go. By seeking out the best in class and doing all we can to match and better their successes, we hope to weave sustainability through each strand of our business.

Just like Hodge, our initiatives are ever growing and evolving but you’ll be able to find everything about our Environmental, Social and Governance programme right here.

Environmental, Social and Governance at Hodge

Helping our customers

We take a customer-first approach and deliver products to suit their needs. Our Mortgages, Savings and Commercial Lending products are designed for the customer.


The Covid-19 pandemic changed life as we knew it but didn’t stop us being there for our customers and staff. Find out how we’ve adapted and changed for the better.

Working better, together

At Hodge we’re always striving to improve and that starts by working with our customers to better understand what they want.

Diversity & inclusion

The best places to work are inclusive and offer equal opportunities to all. Allowing people to be who they are is a core part of our ethos.


From free fresh fruit and office head massage to mental health first aiders and access to 24-hour counselling services, staff wellbeing is important to us.

Learning and development

Giving people the chance to learn new skills is something we feel passionately about. We run internal courses and fund external learning.

Employee engagement

Staff feedback plays a huge part in everything we do. Communication is essential if we hope to achieve our ambitious growth targets.

Supporting communities

Hodge is a business where a percentage of its profits go towards the Hodge Foundation, giving something back is what drives us forwards.

Caring for our environment

Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, at Hodge we do everything we can to improve.