Employee engagement

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the hard work from all our incredible employees. Staff feedback plays a huge part in everything we do and good communication is essential if hope to achieve our ambitious growth targets. 

Recognition awards

The Hodge High Five is a great way for employees to let a colleague or team know their work is appreciated from day-to-day. Whether it be a thanks for help with work or just to let them know they’re awesome, we think it’s important to show this recognition! 

We also have a GEM nomination schemes in place for employees who want to give a well deserved thanks to a colleague for going above and beyond. 

Employee surveys

We regularly send out surveys to all our employees as an opportunity to gather valuable staff feedback on business objectives. This allows us to see how our staff feel about everything we do, from leadership to customer approaches. 

Inclusion network

In 2018 our colleagues from across the business established a Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group. This included implementing feedback channels to ensure our colleagues are able to share what we’re doing well and areas we need to prioritise. 

We are continually reviewing our internal processes and practices, including reviewing our parental leave policy to ensure inclusivity for all parents, regardless of gender or circumstance and refreshing our recruitment policies to ensure equitable opportunities for all applicants. 

You can find out more about the work we do to improve diversity & inclusion here. 

Colleague listening sessions

We often organise listening sessions with colleagues and our CEO, David Landen, where we can talk about what is going well in the business and what needs improvement. These sessions promote transparency and communication through all levels of the business. 

Social committee

Social Committee is committed to evolving the way we work to be there for our colleagues, helping to keep everyone connected and to offer support in taking time here and there to look after staff wellbeing.  

Social committee shares lots of content with employees, which sometimes also involves sending out some goodies and updates home for certain events or activities. There’s a chance this may include some food or sweet treats at times! 

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