Scams and fraud hub

We all think we could spot a scam a mile off. Until we don't. This handy hub will help you spot something suspicious, so you can avoid falling victim to a fraudster.

Outsmart the scammers

Don’t leave yourself unprepared when it comes to dealing with fraudsters. Scams are on the rise and advancing technology is making it easier to get away with, find out how you can stay safe here.

Being aware of fraudulent activity and scams

Find out what you should be looking for with these top tips.

Common scams

From your mobile phone to your romantic life – learn more about the most common scams.

Reporting something suspicious

Here you’ll find out how to report any activity that raises your suspicions.

What we do to keep you safe

At Hodge we do everything we can to keep you safe from fraudulent activity.

Top tips: how to protect yourself

Don’t worry, you wont need a degree in computer science, just a few good online habits.

Dealing with difficult times hub

Visit the hub if you need to tell us about a change in circumstances or if you’re struggling with finances.

Take Five to Stop Fraud

The national Take Five campaign offers straight-forward and impartial advice to help everyone protect themselves from preventable financial fraud. Together, we can tackle financial fraud in three key steps: stop, challenge, protect.

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