The Mortgage Charter, explained

Being there for customers in the moments that matter is what we do at Hodge. That means being there even when times are tough. The government’s new Mortgage Charter is intended for those times. It’s been introduced to support households dealing with the impact of ever-increasing interest rates.

Here, we answer your questions about the Mortgage Charter…

It’s an agreement between mortgage lenders and the Financial Conduct Authority laying out a set of standards agreed by the Chancellor to support regulated residential mortgage borrowers.

You can find out more about the agreement and exactly what it entails here.

Signatories of the Charter are required to meet all standards set out. At Hodge we have evaluated them and know that despite meeting nearly all of the requirements, there are some minor items we don’t offer. We feel it would be disingenuous to sign until we’re confident we can.

We wholeheartedly support the principles of the charter. And are committed to excellent customer service. If any Hodge customers would like to speak to us about any of the items included in the charter, or about their mortgage products in general we would actively encourage them to get in touch with our experienced customer services teams.

We want to make sure that from the moment we sign the charter we can fully meet the obligations set out. At Hodge, we know it would not be in our customers’ best interests to sign before we have fully explored this internally and ensured our people, systems and processes are set up to do so.

We’re continuing to review the guidance and deciding which steps we need to take to make sure we meet all the requirements of the Mortgage Charter.

We’re always here for our customers and offer a comprehensive range of plans which are in place to support them. This provides a range of options tailored to the needs of each customer. We provide the vast majority of the options in the FCA paper and are confident we can and will support customers during this unique and difficult time.