Personal Savings

We offer a wide range of savings accounts and ISA's to suit your needs. With differing levels of access and interest rates, you can choose the product best for you. Our depth of knowledge and experience means your savings are in safe hands.

Our Products

Fixed Rate Bonds up to 2.08% AER

If you’re looking for a savvy investment, a fixed bond personal savings account could be a great option. These are ideal if you know you won’t need to access your money for a fixed period of time.

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Cash ISAs up to 1.25% AER

If you’ve got a large sum and want to save tax-free, our cash ISAs could be the way to go. You can choose an account that gives you the option to withdraw money if you need to, making these a great middle ground.

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Notice Account up to 0.1% AER

If access to your money is needed flexibly and easily, our notice account could be the right choice for you. With notice periods ranging from 0 to 8 days, you’ll be able to pick the best account for your particular saving purposes.

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About our Personal Savings Accounts

Lots of the good things in life don’t come cheap, and most of us will need to save at some point. Whether it’s a car you’ve always wanted, a round the world trip during your golden years, or a house deposit (for you, or to gift to family), it’s highly likely that you’ll have to spend time saving – and where you keep your cash until that big purchase is often just as important as the event itself.  At Hodge, we know that every pound makes a difference, and brings you closer to your goal, which is why we’ve got range of personal savings accounts to suit every kind of saver. 

Who can open a personal savings account?

Anyone can open one of our individual savings accounts, providing you’ve got at least £1,000 to open the account with and are at least 18 years old (apart from for our Junior ISA). They’re ideal for lots of different savings purposes, from every day, casual saving, to putting away large lump sums to work hard and rake in the interest.

Protecting your money

Your eligible deposits with Hodge Bank are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Can't find a product?

From time to time, we stop offering certain products to new customers. You can view the list of these products here.

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Confirmation of Payee Information

Because Hodge isn’t part of the Confirmation of Payee Scheme yet, you might get a warning when you open your account and try to deposit money. It’s nothing to worry about – as long as you enter your details correctly your money will still reach us.

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