The Covid-19 pandemic changed everything but didn’t stop us being there for our customers, staff and community. During a time of uncertainty, we learned to adapt through collaborative working, strong communication and by remaining flexible.

Customer support

We offered all mortgage customers payment holidays if they needed them. All the customers who utilised this have since sufficiently recovered and no longer need support. This was  really important to many of our customers and landlords, offering them and their tenants security.

During the height of the pandemic, we suspended repossessions to those who couldn’t afford to pay.

We also conducted remote valuations of properties during lockdowns, to allow customers to remortgage their homes, or put them up for sale. We also continued approving mortgages.

Employee wellbeing

During the lockdown we provided all staff with home working equipment and adopted a flexible approach to working.

  • Homeworking

Since the pandemic all staff have had all the equipment necessary to work from home full time. This has cemented our belief that flexibility is key when it comes to staff wellbeing.

Those employees who were put on furlough were kept connected and well supported.

  • Wellbeing

It’s important to us that our employees feel supported at work. We promote wellbeing through many channels, which you can find out more about on our wellbeing page.

  • Staying safe

The office was kept open throughout the pandemic for those who needed it, whether that be for wellbeing or for essential services.

We implemented one-way systems, desk booking and additional measures to boost good hygiene, to help our employees feel safe.

Helping the community

We partnered with Hourglass, who are the only helpline to focus on and support elderly people experiencing abuse. During the pandemic they experienced increased concern about the significant risk or abuse and neglect in the nations’ older population, due to lockdowns and self-isolations.

We’ve worked with Hourglass to help our employees understand the signs of abuse and the impact that it has. Hodge’s donations to Hourglass have also facilitated the creation of a dedicated helpline in Wales and helped raise awareness of financial abuse in the elderly.

If you, or anyone you know are experiencing abuse, Hourglass is free to call, and entirely confidential. You can find out more here.

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