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Maximising your clients’ borrowing potential with our Professional Mortgage

14th June 2024

Bitesize guide

When you’re working with professional clients finding a mortgage solution that fits their unique financial needs can feel as complex as their income streams. Don’t fret, the Hodge Professional Mortgage is designed to mould with each client’s diverse needs, while focusing on flexibility and maximising affordability.

How these five benefits will help your professional clients

  1. Assessing Interest Only on an Interest Only basis

Our affordability assessments aim to maximise your clients' borrowing capacity. By evaluating loans on an Interest Only basis, we offer a clearer picture of affordability, helping professionals leverage their financial status to its fullest potential.

2. Diverse repayment strategies

We recognise professionals may plan to transition properties or adjust investments over time. Our acceptance of varied repayment strategies, including the Sale of the Property, provides your clients with the flexibility they need to plan their financial future without constraints.

3. Multiple income sources

Whether the client's income comes from a combination of salary, dividends, or retained profits as a self-employed individual, we take 100% of all validated incomes, plus multiple income streams and complex income sources into account, such as locum work. This inclusiveness ensures a fair assessment which can often lead to better financing options.

4. One year’s worth of accounts accepted

For self-employed including salary, dividends and retained profit, we only require the latest years’ worth of accounts, and our underwriting experts look at each client case manually, so you can be sure our time is being invested in making case-by-case decisions.

5. Equity and Loan-to-Value (LTV) flexibility

Our minimum regional equity requirement ranges from £250k to £100k and our maximum LTV up to 75%, so we ensure more professionals can find the financial solutions they need to grow and invest further. Additionally, we offer debt consolidation up to 75%.

Interested? Our BDMs are on hand

Our Business Development team is on hand to answer any questions you may have, or chat through a case you’d like to discuss. Please call a member of the team on 0800 138 9109 or click here to find your local BDM.

Find out more about our Professional Mortgage here.

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