Non Personal Savings

We’re no longer offering business and non-personal savings accounts to new customers.

On 14th September 2021, Hodge stopped accepting new applications for non-personal and business savings accounts. 

As we evolve, we’ll be focusing our efforts on developing products for the personal savings market, and have therefore decided not to offer non-personal and business products, as we won’t be able to specialise in the area. 

We’re still absolutely committed to offering quality customer service to our existing non-personal and business customers. If you’ve got a non-personal or business account with us, you can get in touch with our team on 0800 028 3746 who’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide any more information.



I have an existing non-personal or business savings account with you – will it close automatically now that you’ve stopped offering them to new customers? 

If you have an existing non-personal or business Fixed Rate Bond, your account will continue until maturity.  

How can I get in touch with you about my non-personal or business savings account? 

You can contact us regarding your account by phone (0800 028 3746), email ([email protected]) and post Hodge Bank, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS. 

Why have you stopped offering non-personal and business savings accounts to new customers?  

We’re committed to our existing customers, and that hasn’t changed.  

As Hodge grows and evolves, we’ve decided to streamline the savings accounts we offer to focus on the personal savings market, which is why we’ve decided to stop opening new business and non-personal accounts.

Looking for a business or non-personal savings account?

You can find an overview of the different providers offering savings accounts for business, charity, and non-personal customers by visiting the Moneyfacts website.

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