Saving for moments, banking on memories

We’ve been supporting our customers in their moments that matter for more than 50 years. With our knowledge and experience, your savings are in good hands.

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Making the most of every moment… 

At Hodge, we know the moments that matter most aren’t always the big moments. They’re the family tea parties that spill into evenings of laughter, the cosy nights in and the spontaneous nights out. They’re impromptu day trips on hot summer days and frosty walks with rosy cheeked children.  

Most importantly, the moments that matter to you aren’t always perfect. The first heartbreak, missing out on the dream job, losing someone you love. Those moments mean so much and while it feels nothing can help, not having to worry about your finances provides much needed security. 

Whether you’re saving for the big day, or putting something aside for a rainy day, with Hodge you can trust us to keep your money safe. 

Why choose Hodge?

For more than 50 years, Hodge has been supporting customers across the UK. Thousands of people have trusted us with not only their finances, but their plans for the future too. In our half a century we’ve seen an awful lot of change – back in 1965 average house prices were less than £4,000 and weddings were small family gatherings, fast forward fifty years or so and average house prices are in excess of £290,000 while weddings are show stopping events. We’ve been there for every step of that journey, and we know what matters most to our customers.

What makes us different?

We’ve been awarded the prestigious ServiceMark accreditation by the Institute of Customer Service. That’s a national standard awarded to businesses who demonstrate ongoing commitment to delivering excellent customer service. Not only is that something we’re very proud of, it’s also something to reassure anyone thinking of using Hodge.

Straightforward banking

We’re told time and time again that people want a bank they can trust, they want customer service they can rely on and they need easy to use online banking. Our online banking platform gives you everything you need to manage your savings account at your fingertips. From opening your account right the way through to the end of your term, your money is in good hands.

Our savings products

Fixed Rate Bonds

If you want to make your money work harder for you, a fixed rate bond could be a great choice. Ideal if you won’t be needing to access your money for a fixed period of time, our fixed rate bonds usually offer a higher interest rate than our other accounts. Apply quickly and easily online and choose from a 1, 2, 3 or 5 year fixed term with a guaranteed interest rate.

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Cash ISAs

If you’re looking to make savvy tax-free savings, a cash ISA could be the right choice for you. This individual savings account works like a standard deposit account, but you won’t pay income tax on the interest you earn. You can apply for a Hodge ISA quickly and easily online, either with new money or by transferring from another provider.

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