What to do if you’re POA for one of our customers

If you’ve been appointed PoA for one of our customers who’s lost mental capacity, please get in touch with us. We’ll need to see the PoA documents and complete some identification checks to set you up on the account.

You’ll need to send us the original Power of Attorney document by post to Customer Services, Hodge, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS or a solicitor certified copy by email to support@hodge.co.uk.

If you can’t send us an original copy, you can send the following instead:

  • A solicitor certified photocopy with original solicitor’s signature, company stamp and a declaration on each page confirming the document to be true copy of the original
  • A donor certified photocopy, certified and signed by the donor on each page with the specific wording confirmed on the Gov.uk website https://www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney/certify

If you can’t send us the original or certified copies of the Power of Attorney document you can also send us an access code given by the gov.uk website when registering your Power of Attorney. These are 13 characters long and start with a V.

We’ll use this code to access the POA online from the Office of the Public Guardian. If you send us the access code, you’ll still need to provide proof of identification and address.

We’ll need to run identification checks so we’ll also need to see your passport or driving license (original or solicitor certified) and proof of address dated within the last 3 months. This could be a utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement.

Where do I send the documents?

You can send your documents via email:

Mortgages Savings
support@hodge.co.uk deposits@hodge.co.uk

Or you can send documents by post to Customer Services, Hodge, One Central Square, Cardiff, CF10 1FS or by email to support@hodge.co.uk.

If you’re posting your documents, please send them by recorded delivery so they reach us safely. We’ll send them back to you in this way too.

Once we’ve got all your documents and can verify your identity we’re usually able to set you up on the account within 24 hours.

We’ll let you know when we’ve done this.

What happens next

Once a PoA has been registered on your savings or mortgage account it will continue to operate as normal.
You can contact us at any time with any questions. Our friendly staff are available Monday – Friday from 9am  to 5pm.

Mortgages Savings
support@hodge.co.uk deposits@hodge.co.uk
0800 731 4076 0800 028 3746