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Become a super host with Holiday Let

Holiday let is for people who choose short-term lets over long-term rentals. It’s designed for landlords who prefer Trip Adviser reviews to six-monthly inspections.

As a specialist lender, Hodge has handily packed up all your holiday let essentials into its brand-new product. If you’re ready to turn your landlord dreams into a reality, Hodge Holiday Let could help.

What is holiday let?

A holiday let loan is designed for landlords with properties they’d like to let out on a short-term basis as holiday accommodation.

Holiday let mortgages are considered a specialist type of lending, so you won’t find one as easily as a standard mortgage. As with buy-to-let mortgages, holiday let is not currently regulated.

With some holiday rentals making more in a single week than a traditional long-term rental does in a month, becoming a holiday let landlord could earn you a healthy income

Holiday let vs buy-to-let

Quite simply, a holiday let mortgage is for people who want a property they can rent out on a short-term basis, while buy-to-let mortgages are for those who want to rent over a longer term.

Since mortgage interest relief was reduced on traditional buy-to-let properties, holiday let offers tax advantages that buy-to-let no longer can.

The fact the property isn’t let out year-round like a buy-to-let property means affordability will be calculated differently to allow the lender to take into account the rise and fall of rental income depending on high or low season.


If you’re interested in our Holiday Let mortgage, you’ll need to speak to an IFA or a broker. If you don’t have one, you can find a broker using 

Need to knows for advisers

As a specialist lender we make it our mission to create products which are specially tailored to the customers who’ll use them. What better way to do that than to work directly with the brokers and advisers who sell them to make sure our products have the features and flexibility our customers need?

Hodge Holiday Let has benefitted from direct input from advisers who will be selling it, here’s what Mark Stallard and Mark Lanario had to say about it:

“Hodge has entered the holiday let mortgage market with well thought-out criteria, designed to gain market share quickly. As a specialist in the market, we’re looking forward to working with Hodge, and if their launch criteria is an indicator of where they’re heading with this, watch this space.” Mark Lanario, Drake Mortgages

“There’s no such thing as a standard holiday let and Hodge understands that. They have a team of underwriters who want to listen providing flexibility at every stage and a product that ensures as many criteria are covered as possible.” Mark Stallard, House and Holiday Home Mortgages

The only way customers can buy any of our mortgages is through a financial adviser or broker. So, if you’re currently trying to help a client make an informed choice about a holiday let property, you can find all the information you need at Hodge for Intermediaries.