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The Homes for Ukraine Scheme



As a business, our purpose centres around being there for people in the moments that matter. We’ve gathered some useful information for our customers who would like to take part in the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

The UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme enables those with an available home or room to offer it to Ukrainian refugees. Hodge understands our customers may wish to support this initiative.

We’ll aim to make things as simple as possible for those who would like to get involved and our usual policy relating to letting a home will not apply.

Keep us in the loop

For now, all customers need to do is let us know once they’ve been approved to take part in the scheme and matched with an individual or family. We’ll also need to be notified when the property is no longer being used for this purpose.

Customers can notify us directly by calling 0800 731 4076, emailing [email protected] or we will accept notification via your broker.

Please note, while participating in this scheme, customers must:

  • Continue to make your monthly mortgage payments as agreed with us
  • Notify your home insurance provider and the policy must not be invalidated by participating in this scheme
  • Check participation in this scheme is not in breach with any leasehold requirements where applicable
  • Continue to reside at the property and the property remain your primary residence (residential mortgages only)

Further information about the UK Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme, including terms and registering to be a ‘sponsor’ can be found here.

We’re proud to be always working with you.