Rate reductions available across our mortgage products

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Beth Jones 26 October, 2021

As of 26th October, we’re reducing rates across our mortgages.

The changes include: 

  • Reducing 50+ Mortgage 50% LTV and 60% LTV rates by 0.30% 
  • Reducing RIO Mortgage 50% LTV rates by 0.20% 
  • Reducing HBTL Mortgage 75% LTV rates by 0.10% 

Emma Graham, business development director at Hodge, said:

As a specialist lender in a highly competitive market-place we’re delighted to launch these lower rates across both our later life and holiday let propositions.

These reductions in parallel with our common-sense approach to lending and our underwriters willingness to assess cases on their own merits means we can now support more of your customers with their lending needs.

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