Find your solicitors

We have a large panel of solicitors for you to choose from – meaning you can give your clients more choice. We’re also set up with e-conveyancer, so that once you’ve chosen a firm, you can instruct and track your cases online, all in one place. Enter your details above to start your search.


Do I have to register to use eConveyancer?

Yes, you’ll need to be registered to use eConveyancer. If you’ve used it before with another lender, you don’t need to re-register with us – you can use the same details to log in again. If not register here.

What if my customer wants to use a solicitor that isn’t on the panel?

That’s not a problem – there are several options here. Your customer can either:

  • Request, via you, that their chosen firm is added to the panel (they’ll need to be registered with Smoove).
  • You can find the minimum criteria that a law firm needs to meet to be on our panel, here.
  • Ask their solicitor to register themselves and become a member of Smoove (formerly ULS).
  • Decide to use another law firm on the panel.
  • Continue with separate representation.

What if my customer chooses to continue with separate representation?

If your customer chooses to go ahead with separate representation, they’ll be represented by their chosen law firm, and Hodge will be represented by either Adkirk Law or McVey & Murricane. With the exception of Equity Release products, your customer will be responsible for paying both their, and our, conveyancing costs.

These costs are on a scale, based on property value:

Prices exclude VAT

  • Up to £100k = £300
  • £100 – 250k = £350
  • £250 – 500k = £400
  • £500 – 700k = £450
  • £700k – £1m = £500

Do you have any fees assist firms on your panel?

Yes, we do. If your customer wants to transfer lenders, a conveyancer from our re-mortgage panel will manage the legal work. The conveyancer will:

  • Confirm the property provides good security for your customer’s new mortgage
  • Establish who owns the property
  • Prepare the mortgage deed
  • Prepare any non-owner occupier forms
  • Apply for a redemption statement from the existing lender
  • Prepare a financial statement for completion of the new mortgage
  • Arrange repayment of the current mortgage
  • Register the new mortgage with the Land Registry.

What’s not included in your fees assisted panel?

As this is a fees assisted process, there may be charges payable in addition to the basic service. You’ll need to check with the firm appointed to make sure you’re aware of these.

If you need any other legal services at the same time – like correcting Land Registry errors, arranging for change of ownership, or obtaining consent for leasehold properties – which are not included, you can use our panel firm or you can choose one of your own. A panel firm will tell you if there are other things that need to be done before the re-mortgage can go ahead.

What if my customer requires fees assist for an Equity Release mortgage?

Just like a non-ER mortgage, a conveyancer from our re-mortgage panel will manage the legal work if your customer wants to transfer lenders. We’ll pay our legal fees for this, and your customer will need to cover their own. They’ll need independent legal representation to protect their interests, and can find an Equity Release specialist firm here.


If you need any support using e-conveyancer, you might find these guides on registration and obtaining a quote useful. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with our team who’ll be happy to help