Money: it's all relative

Our latest campaign looks at ways you can help your customers make those family finance conversations a little easier. Why not register for our webinar?


Money: it’s all relative

Talking money with family is difficult – and encouraging your clients to do so can be even harder. Tricky though it may be, having a clear picture of family finance is absolutely key to making the informed financial decisions that can affect generations to come. To better understand how people’s attitudes towards finances evolve across the generations, and to help you help your clients, we knew we needed to understand exactly what people’s reservations were.

So, we interviewed over 3,000 people (prior to Covid-19), and asked them how they felt about money, exploring its value in their lives, and how comfortable they were discussing it with family. The results were really interesting, giving us insight into what motivates our customers, and we’ve used them to form our campaign, Money: it’s all relative.

We’ve collated our research and used it to create guides and resources – from infographics to webinars and handy hints from guest experts – all designed to help you help your customers to have those tricky – but important – financial conversations.