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Our reassuringly human approach to specialist lending

5th April 2023

We get it, sometimes a quick email, an online tool or a handy hub is just what you need. But not all of the time. Your job as a mortgage adviser is a lot more complex than that. And even more niche when you work in the specialist lending arena. That’s why our expert underwriters, trained in complex income will deal directly with you on every case submitted, lightening your load and speeding up your client's journey throughout the mortgage process.

"It was the first time I used Hodge and the whole experience made my job a little easier, Hodge were so efficient, friendly and a pleasure to deal with.”

Warren Fielding, The Seren Group

We know your time is precious and your client is eager for the best outcome. That’s why every mortgage application you submit is reviewed by a person and not just a computer. We use a common-sense approach and a can-do attitude, so you and your client can be confident that the right decision has been made. So confident, that if we accept your case at a DiP (decision in principle) stage and you're able to verify the details you’ve given, subject to valuation, you can rest assured your case will complete quickly and easily.

“Flexible underwriting with the ability to talk to an underwriter and BDM pre-application, meaning cases agreed stay agreed.”

Peter Whiteley, Together Financial Solutions

Once you submit the full mortgage application, we’ve done most of the hard work already.

For every mortgage application we follow these steps:

  • A trained underwriter carries out a full affordability assessment based on information given
  • A credit check is carried out and assessed
  • All debts are factored into affordability
  • On a holiday buy-to-let we do an in-principal check of the property
  • Call you to discuss the application, so we can take the time to really understand the customer’s unique circumstances
  • We provide you with a detailed shopping list of any evidence or information that’s needed.

“Best experience I’ve had. Real people, real underwriters.... very good!”  

Adam Smethurst, Markland Hill Wealth

It’s great to hear brokers tell us we’re their preferred lender. It means we’ve made their jobs a little easier and their customers happy. Our underwriting process means the right decision is made based on all the facts. However complex the income, however niche the requirements, an expert takes the time to understand how we can help, a person, not a computer. So, if your customer has a decision in principle from Hodge, they know it’s been verified by an expert, a real person, giving them greater confidence the final application will be completed swiftly.

If you do business with us, you're doing business with people who’ll understand the uniqueness of your client.

Get in touch today on 0800 138 9109.

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