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We’ve made enhancements to our Professional Mortgage criteria

20th November 2023

Following on from enhancing our later life criteria, we've made more enhancements but this time to our Professional Mortgage criteria. This will mean greater financial flexibility for professionals with diverse income streams.

In our latest improvement to the Professional Mortgage, we've removed the need to meet capital repayment affordability when assessing interest only applications.

What else has changed?


  • Reduced the minimum income for those applying for a Professional Mortgage from £35k to £30k 
  • Increased the maximum age for applicants from 40 to 50
  • Updated our income types to allow projected income from chambers for trainee barristers

If you have a case or any further questions, please find a BDM and give them a call. The team are happy to support wherever they can.

Emma Graham, business development director at Hodge:

"Removing the need to meet capital repayment affordability is yet another way Hodge continues to show its commitment to providing solutions for underserved areas of the market.

“Our team work really hard to get under the skin of our customer’s needs and listen carefully to what the brokers working with them are telling us. Understanding complex situations and demonstrating a flexible approach to lending for both brokers and customers is at the heart of everything that Hodge does.

“Aspects of the professional mortgage market have previously been underserved from a high street perspective, but throughout 2023 we have continued drawing on the knowledge of our highly experienced underwriters to add real value to this complex area of the market.”

“We understand that like life, the level of income many people have at their disposal is less than straightforward - not least in the current economic climate - and this is yet another way Hodge has been able to offer support to our customers in the moments that matter."

Find out more about our Professional Mortgage products here.

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