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Our enhanced affordability calculator balances speed and accuracy  

Lee Weston
21st March 2024

At Hodge, we understand the fine art of balancing – especially when it comes to providing great outcomes for customers. It’s a careful blend of having the right level of accurate information to build the client’s financial story without being asked to provide an ocean of unnecessary details.  So, that’s what we aimed for when we enhanced our affordability calculator. 

We’ve had many conversations with brokers, and we found nearly without exception, you wanted a calculator high on accuracy and low on input. We aimed to hit that sweet spot and the result? A refined tool designed to mirror the real-life scenarios of 95% of customers, without the overwhelming complexity.  

To achieve accuracy, we built a front-end interface that seamlessly integrates with our internal back-end engine, used for internal calculations. This means the affordability calculation results you’ll see are aligned with those an underwriter would determine on a formal case submission. Efficient, accurate and reliable – for every calculation. 

So, what's new? 

Our enhanced calculator now boasts a suite of features designed to streamline your process and provide you with accurate, reliable lending estimates: 

  • Comprehensive coverage: you can assess affordability across all our residential products including the 50+, the Retirement Interest Only (RIO), and the Professional Mortgage products 
  • Enhanced income consideration: we've improved the calculator's capability to account for additional income streams, resulting in more accurate and personalised lending estimates 
  • Dual lending figures: you can gain insights into your client's maximum affordability and potential lending based on Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios, providing a clearer financial picture for informed decision-making. 
  • Downloadable results: downloaded in PDF format, making it easier to share with your clients or keep for your records 

Take a look at our residential affordability calculator

Continued support for complex cases 

As specialists in managing complex income and lending scenarios, we understand some cases require a deeper dive. Our dedicated sales team is always here to discuss cases, offering help and support with any queries regarding affordability calculations, particularly where they have variable income streams or unique financial situations. 

Find your local BDM today or call us on for a complete a full affordability review by calling 0800 138 9109. 

Lee Weston
21st March 2024

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