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Business talks on the fly: Stuart Ottery takes unconventional meetings to new heights

19th December 2023

A few weeks back, I had a ‘meeting’ in the diary with James Hutchinson, managing director of mortgage broker, Hutchinson Financial. What was initially planned to be a breakfast meeting, turned into something a little less ordinary. After checking my comfort level with heights, I discovered we were meeting at Zip World in Bangor and began prepping for a morning filled with more than just a bacon butty.

We started with a casual catch-up over a cup of coffee before gearing up for the  zip line ride. James discussed some potential cases that could work with us. Business talk, but in a beautiful setting.

And here's where it got even more interesting: right before Velocity, the world's fastest zip line and 1.2 miles long over Penrhyn Quarry, James mentioned a client connected to Zip World. The client needed help with their mortgage renewal and was after a long-term, interest only mortgage and could be a great fit for Hodge.

85 miles per hour and just 57 seconds later, I’m at the bottom of the zip line and meeting with James’ client.

To some, it might've seemed just a fun day out, and it absolutely was! But it was more, this kind of meeting shows how getting out of the office and doing something fun can lead to some unexpected opportunities.

Mixing business with an adventure can make conversations more relaxed, more open.

At Hodge, our BDMs are dedicated to building real connections and supporting brokers - whether that means discussing business while hurtling down a zip line or elsewhere! Speak to your local BDM today.

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