Hodge Portfolio Buy-to-Let: Our Work

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Commercial Team 10 February, 2021

At Hodge, we’ve created our Portfolio Buy-to-Let Loan for professional landlords, with four properties or more, who are looking to manage their portfolio under one loan. We know that property portfolios come in lots of shapes and sizes, and that’s why we’ve tailored our criteria – so that we can work flexibly, depending on what landlords are working with.

From multi-unit freehold block acquisitions to refinancing a multi property portfolio, we can support a wide range of portfolio buy-to-let ambitions. For a flavour of our work, take a look at a selection of recent tombstones below.

“It's really refreshing to see banks like Hodge continuing to lend in difficult times, while others sit back and wait. This type of unwavering support is exactly how long-term relationships are formed, and I'm confident that that's where we're heading.”

Hodge £3m residential investment portfolio client