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The growing demand to go green: Holiday lets and the rise of sustainable tourism

10th February 2023

Like a breezy beach house on the outskirts of a bustling village, holiday lets sit calmly outside the 2025 EPC challenge the rest of the UK rental market faces.

That isn’t to say the winds of change won’t blow in their direction in the future. But for the short term, holiday lets don’t need a minimum EPC rating, so retrofitting doesn’t need to be front of mind for the holiday let landlord. But is there an argument to increase the eco-friendly attributes to a holiday rental? Or should we kick that recycled aluminium can down the road?

The UK staycation flourished on the back of covid restrictions in 2020/21 and remained a popular choice in 2022,  with booking companies reporting a 30% increase on 2021*. Staycation bookings are forecast to rise again this year as the cost of living crises steers people away from a holiday abroad and toward a ‘save-cation’. For the growing number of Brits with holiday lets, this news is as welcoming as their rental properties. But with competition and demand on the up, how can holiday let owners make sure their property is reaching its full potential by attracting holiday-seekers and staying profitable?  

The lay of the land - pun intended - is that the majority of UK homes are bad at being good for the environment. Poor insulation combined with a huge reliance on gas to heat inefficient homes means higher energy bills and a higher carbon footprint. Two items which are high on every political agenda for 2023.

A recent Hodge survey found two thirds of homeowners thought more should be done to improve homes EPC ratings in the UK and studies are reporting brits want to contribute to govt’s net zero targets. Adoption of sustainable lifestyles is on the rise and the ripple effect of this is an increase in sustainable tourism.

Choosing a sustainable approach for a holiday let is likely to be a money-saver. It doesn’t need to begin with solar powered showers and home-grown produce either. Putting in LED lighting and asking guests to reuse towels can go a long way (click here to find a great way hotels and guesthouses are asking guests to reuse towels). Finding out a holiday lets EPC rating and looking at ways to increase the score can also promote its popularity and push up its profitability.

If landlords aren’t sure of ways they can improve their EPC rating, an EPC report will give ideas on how to make the property more energy efficient and potentially lower energy bills. Find out more in our EPC quick guide. Holiday homes and EPCs: What do landlords need to know?

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