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Living tomorrow’s dream today

17th March 2023

How a Professional Mortgage can help get them there

Hodge’s Professional Mortgage is designed for today’s go-getter, ready for tomorrow's dream. We’ve now added interest only, making it an even more attractive proposition.

Wherever your client is on their professional journey, newly qualified or an established professional, we know it’s taken them years of dedication and hard work to get there. So, why should they settle when it comes realising their property aspirations? We don’t think they should. Find out how our Professional Mortgage could help them unlock the door to their perfect pad.

We designed the Hodge Professional Mortgage to support professionals on their property journey, offering the benefits of a bespoke mortgage hand-in-hand with a quick and smooth mortgage offering. We’ve now added interest only to the range, so those who want a little more flexibility in their monthly outgoings can climb the career and property ladder together.

After years of studying, training, placements and pupillage, professionals can feel ready for their first home or a move to their dream home. For some, their income is still waiting to hit the high trajectory it’s destined for. For others, income can massively vary each month. For both, a choice of repayment or interest only based on up to six-times income, could be the perfect fit.

If your client is looking to minimise monthly outgoings, control outgoings or get onto the property ladder, a lower monthly payment could be ideal. They may be a young professional looking to buy their first home or a mid to high level professional looking to reduce outgoings due to property value, lifestyle costs or investments. We look at where they’re headed, not just where they’ve been.

At Hodge, we’re experts in specialist lending, experienced in income complexities and understand the professional customer. Our underwriters don’t have a one size fits all approach. When we look at affordability and technicalities, we also look at getting to know each unique situation, so we can help you find the right mortgage solution for your client.

We look at the complex and we make it simple, adding interest only as an option just made sense.

We offer:

  • Up to six times loan-to-income, including income from a ‘non-professional’ joint applicant
  • A term to age 75 (or specified retirement whichever is soonest)
  • Up to 75% LTV on IO and 90% on repayment.

We’ll also accept multiple income streams, including retained profits and 1 year’s accounts for the self-employed and we consider 100% of validated income.

And if it makes sense for them to make over-payments, we allow up to 10% a year without penalty during their rate fix period.

If your client is interested in interest only or you’d simply like to know more about our mortgage and how it can help your clients, talk to Kate Morgan, one of our experienced Telephone Business Development Managers dedicated to the Professional Mortgage.

The Professional Mortgage, for who they’re working hard to be.

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