Switch to a new deal with Hodge

Is your current mortgage deal with us coming to an end? We may be able to help you find a rate and monthly repayment that will suit you. You can do this by switching your mortgage deal. We make this easy for you.


Switching your mortgage in 4 steps


We’ll write to you 90 days before your current mortgage deal ends and send you everything you need to compare the mortgages you can choose from. We’ll also send you information about how to proceed with or without an independent financial advisor

Choose your product

Return the application form confirming which new mortgage deal you’d like.

Accept Offer

Once we’ve received your application form, we’ll send you an offer which you’ll need to read carefully. Once you’re happy with your new mortgage deal, sign and return the offer to us.

Switch Complete

We’ll write to you confirming your rate switch is complete and when the changes will come into effect.”