Portfolio Buy-To-Let

Our portfolio buy-to-let product is ideal for landlords with 4 or more properties, looking for one loan which covers them all.

We created our portfolio buy-to-let product especially for professional landlords looking for one loan to house their entire residential property portfolio under.

This covers 4 or more properties with the facility for an entire buy-to-let portfolio up to a 10 year term, so it’s a practical solution to help professional landlords stay organised. Because we consider the whole portfolio, we can help to keep things streamlined and flexible.

Here’s what you need to know about Hodge Portfolio Buy-to-Let:

  • Available for Ltd or LLP companies and individual borrowers
  • Gross debt to market value <70%
  • Covers 4 or more properties
  • Up to a 10-year term offered
  • Facility for an entire portfolio.

View our quick summary here or read on to discover the numerous benefits and the current criteria.Please note the Portfolio Buy-to-Let loan is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


 Hodge Portfolio Buy-to-Let Loan?
Borrower typesLtd or LLP company.
Loan SizeMin £250,000.
LTVGross debt to market value < 75%.
TermUp to 25 years.
Repayment profilesInterest only options < 75% LTV.
SecurityMinimum requirement – first legal charge over funded freehold or leasehold property. Assignment of rental income, debenture and other corporate security may be required.
Interest marginFrom 3.25% to 4.35%
FeesFees dependent on rate

To be eligible for our portfolio buy-to-let loan, your clients need to satisfy the following minimum requirements at the time of application:

Completed application form

Available as an online form or downloadable.

Completed tenancy schedule

Please complete the tenancy schedule with information relating to your entire BTL portfolio. This should include details of the secured lending held against each asset (amount, rate, expiry of loan etc.) as we will need this to assess affordability.

Your business plan

Please let us have a copy of your business plan related to your BTL portfolio, this should include commentary as to the portfolios background, income aspirations, sinking fund, or means of funding refurbishment/CapEx, drawing requirements and long-term plans for the portfolio.

KYC information

Copy of valid passport or drivers’ licence for each director and shareholder. Copy of recent (within the last three months) utility bill for each director and shareholder. The name and address should match the application form. All documents should be certified by a suitably qualified professional.


The most recent three sets of accounts for the borrowing entity. In the event of a newly incorporated entity, the articles of incorporation will be required. As will the relevant details of income and expenditure for the past 3 years.

Bank statements

The borrowing entities previous bank statements from the past 3 months. This should be the borrowing entities main account and be in the same name as the applicant. The bank statements should highlight income, expenditure and any payments to directors and/or shareholders for example salary, emoluments or dividends.

Legal Requirement

Following approval, we will begin our legal due diligence process. Our solicitors will require:

DD mandate

This will allow Hodge to set up your statement.

Signed Copy of the Bank’s “Approval in Principle” document

This, along with the terms and conditions, will form the basis of the bank’s offer and any underlying facility.

Residential tenancy agreements and tenancy deposit certificates

For all properties which will form part of Hodge’s security.

A copy of the current buildings insurance policy for each property

This should evidence suitable landlord building insurance equivalent to the value of the property each policy is insuring.

A copy of the energy performance certificate for each property

This should evidence compliance that minimum EPC requirements are met (currently required E rating).

A copy of the latest gas safety check record for each property

Evidence of compliance within last 12 months.

A copy of the asbestos survey; and copy of the current Fire Risk Assessment

These are only applicable if any property is not a self-contained residential dwelling (i.e. a whole block of flats or flat conversion building) or any part of the property has a commercial use, such as a shop).

Loan account details

Details of all loans to be redeemed inc. account numbers and sort codes.

Copy of enquiries questionnaire

Providing all required information for conveyancing.

Signed borrower’s declaration

This will instruct solicitors to proceed with the proposed refinance.

If you’re new to Hodge, or have a question about our portfolio buy-to-let product, contact us or give us a call on 0800 138 9109 and we’ll get you registered and help with your query.

Alternatively, if you’ve worked with us before, click here to download the application form and get started.