Helping you stay safe

In partnership with Hourglass, the only UK charity focusing on ending abuse and neglect of the elderly.

Everyone has the right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. Abuse has no age limit, with as many as one in five over 65 being abused, that’s 2.7m victims across the UK according to Hourglass, the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting the fight against elderly abuse.*

Abuse is never acceptable. If you think you’re being abused or are feeling vulnerable, or you think somebody else is, free help and support is available.

It takes many forms and isn’t always an isolated incident. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical, so understanding more about it means it can be identified and stopped quickly.

With the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, you may find you’re staying at home and relying on others more than you have before, so being alert and being able to get help is important to keep you safe.

Do not suffer in silence.

*According to research conducted by Hourglass 


For immediate help visit Hourglass

Why does abuse happen?

Abuse can happen for many reasons, understanding the causes can be the first step to stopping it.

What can I do about abuse?

The best way to protect you or a loved one and stop abuse from happening, is to tell someone about it.

Types of abuse

Abuse can look and feel different, so understanding the different types and what they look like can help in identifying and solving it.

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