COVID 19 FAQs for Savings Customers

How can I contact you?

We’d prefer you to email us at If you don’t have access to email you
can call our team on 0800 028 3746.
Incoming call volumes are higher at this time so you may find the wait a little longer than

What will happen if I need to post items to you?

Whilst we’re doing everything we can to support our customers there is likely to be a
delay to processing and returning any post. We would encourage you to contact us by email or phone so that we can explore options
and we can then work with you to ensure any post is processed as quickly as possible.

How are you going to correspond with me?

We can correspond with you using the email address we hold on your records upon your
request. If we don’t hold a current email address for you, call us and once we’ve verified your
identity, we can update our records. If you don’t have an email address we can still
correspond by post but it may be that this takes a little longer than usual.

Should I send you the original documents you’ve asked for?

We may accept copies of original documents by email. You can email us a scanned image,
or a photograph of the document and we’ll let you know if it’s acceptable. For example, an
incomplete or illegible image won’t be acceptable.

Will you send me payments or refunds by cheque?

We can make a payment directly into your bank account, so you don’t have to worry
about leaving your home to bank a cheque.

I would like to apply for a new savings account or ISA

If you are a personal customer you may be able to apply online. You can find details of
how to do this on our website at . Alternatively call us and we can
discuss your options.


I need to pay funds to start my new savings account or top up my existing savings

If your payment is less than £100,000 you can make a faster payment through your nominated bank account (sort code 30-16-27 and your Hodge Savings account number).
If your payment is £100,000 or above, you can make a CHAPS payment into our account (sort code 30-91-63 and account number 00209271). Please use your name and savings account number as your reference.

I need to change some personal details on my savings account/ISA

If you have an online account you can make the changes via the online portal. If you don’t have an online account, please call us and we’ll make the changes once we’ve verified your

What do I do if my savings account is maturing?

If you have an online account you can give your maturity instructions via the online portal. If you’re not an online customer, we’ll contact you by phone 14 days before the
maturity of your account to discuss your options and take your instructions.

I wish to put my account on notice for withdrawal

Please call us to put your account on notice to withdraw.

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