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27th January 2021

Commercial lending: reflections & predictions

January is traditionally a time for reflection and looking ahead. But with the world still living though a global pandemic, making predictions about the commercial lending market in 2021 is a tricky proposition. From demands for greater outdoor space and bigger working spaces among residential buyers to decreased house prices, rises in stamp duty, and scarcity of housing stock, we asked our commercial lending team for their views on how Covid-19 has affected the housing market and what to look out for in 2021.

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11th January 2021

Hodge Commercial Lending team outlines new structure and plans for 2021

Hodge’s busy Commercial Lending team has revamped its residential investment, Portfolio BTL and development team structure to make sure it can meet the demands of its clients and introducers going into 2021 and beyond. Kevin Beevers, Managing Director for Commercial Lending at Hodge, explains the team’s focus below.

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