Respected City economist Roger Bootle to give annual Julian Hodge lecture

As the UK continues to digest the potential ramifications of Brexit, Mr Bootle will look across the Channel at the broader issues affecting our near neighbours in his lecture entitled “The Future of Europe”.

Roger Bootle is the founder and chairman of Capital Economics, one of the world’s largest economics consultancies. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee. Roger is a regular columnist for The Daily Telegraph.

Roger has written several books, including his widely acclaimed latest, The Trouble with Europe, which examines how the EU needs to be reformed and what could take its place if it fails to change. It follows The Trouble with Markets, Money for Nothing and the prophetic The Death of Inflation, published in 1996. In July 2012 Roger and a team from Capital Economics won the Wolfson Prize.

The Julian Hodge Institute of Applied Macroeconomics was established 17 years ago in association with Cardiff Business School. Its aim is to carry out research into the UK economy and the UK’s relationship with other European economies. Its director is Professor Patrick Minford of Cardiff Business School, who is also the economic adviser to the Hodge group.

This year’s lecture takes place in Cardiff on 10th May.

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